Making the Mouth-Body Connection in Cancer Care

Mrs. Jill Meyer-Lippert

Global Research Journal of Dental and Oral Health
: Mrs. Jill Meyer-Lippert, RDH
Affiliation: Founder of Side Effect Support, LLC
Category: Abstract
keywards: Cancer, side effects, survivorship, dental, quality of life

Unified Citation Journals, 3(1) 15-16;
ISSN 2754-0944


Oral side effects and untreated dental diseases can cause added pain, financial hardships, and psychological distress for those being treated for cancer. They can also lead to complications or delays in treatments, which can compromise treatment outcomes. Oral changes may have a continued negative impact throughout survivorship.

While highlighting the human element of cancer care and quality of life issues, this presentation will provide tools for a well-rounded approach to optimal patient care through a focus on prevention, patient education, and product selection.


Jill Meyer-Lippert, RDH is the founder of Side Effect Support (, an online resource for cancer patients, family caregivers, and healthcare providers to reduce harmful oral side effects of treatments to improve quality of life and treatment outcomes.

Jill is a 2014 recipient of the Sunstar Americas/RDH Award of Distinction, holds a certificate in Oncology Management, and is an instructor for the National Network of Healthcare Hygienists’ Oncology Certificate Program.  She is a member of the Registered Dental Hygienist Advisory Board for the Oral Cancer Foundation and was named one of the “6 Dental Hygienists You Want to Know” by Dimensions of Dental Hygiene magazine in 2022

Mrs. Jill Meyer-Lippert was sucsessfully presnted her Speech on Making the Mouth-Body Connection in Cancer Care at the International Dental, Advanced Dentistry and Oral Health UCGCongress July 29-30, 2024 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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