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Overcoming Intercultural Communication Challenges in English-Speaking Medical Settings

Ms. Devon Bruce

Presented in International Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference Holiday Inn Dubai, UAE & Virtual
Poster Presenter Name: Ms. Devon Bruce
Global Journal of Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety
Unified Citation Journals, Nursing 2024, ISSN 2754-0952
Affiliation: Founder and CEO of English Communication Academy

Keywords: Communication, English Proficiency


In present-day multicultural societies, English-speaking medical environments encounter diverse populations with unique cultural backgrounds and communication styles. This presentation explores the complexities of intercultural communication in such settings and offers strategies for overcoming these challenges.

Firstly, it delves into the significance of effective communication in healthcare, emphasizing its role in ensuring patient understanding, compliance, and satisfaction. It then highlights the hurdles of cultural differences, such as varying attitudes towards authority, health beliefs, and communication norms.

Secondly, it will discuss specific communication barriers in English-speaking medical settings, including language proficiency issues and nonverbal communication disparities. It underscores the potential consequences of miscommunication, such as medical errors, compromised patient care, and low morale among staff.

Lastly, the presentation will present a range of strategies to mitigate intercultural communication challenges, such as using plain language, active listening, and fostering a culturally sensitive environment within medical institutions. It will also emphasize the importance of respect for diverse cultural backgrounds in facilitating effective communication.

This presentation underscores the critical need to overcome intercultural communication issues in English-speaking medical settings. By recognizing and addressing these challenges through targeted strategies, healthcare providers can improve patient outcomes, enhance patient-provider relationships, and foster inclusivity in healthcare settings.


Ms. Devon Bruce is the founder and CEO of English Communication Academy. Her groundbreaking membership program empowers non-native English speakers in the medical field to communicate clearly, fluently, and confidently. Her unwavering commitment to this cause has transformed countless medical professionals, positioning her as a respected industry leader.

Devon’s remarkable contributions have earned her recognition as a top 250+ Rising Star and Upcoming Influencer to Watch on LinkedIn and a coveted position as a Top Voice for Interpersonal Communication on the platform.


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