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Qualitative Studies On Patient Safety In Nursing: A Bibliometric Analysis

Dr Sinem Eroglu

Presented in International Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference Holiday Inn Dubai, UAE & Virtual
Poster Presenter Name: Dr Sinem Eroglu
Global Journal of Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety
Unified Citation Journals, Nursing 2024, ISSN 2754-0952
Affiliation: Colorectal Surgeon at Canberra Hospital, Australia

Keywords: Patient Safety; Bibliometric Analysis; Qualitative Research


Patient safety is one of the components of quality of care in providing healthcare services and is one of the important parameters of providing a qualified and professional service. According to the World Health Organization, one in every 10 patients is seriously harmed due to medical errors. When we look at the research and studies on patient safety, it is seen that the foundations were laid in the United States and that there are many researches, analyzes and reports on patient safety. The study aims to provide an overview of existing research using bibliometric metadology, identify current topics, and highlight emerging trends in the field.


As a result of the search, 643 articles published from 2002 to 2024 were included in the analysis. Bibliometric analysis was performed using performance analysis and scientific mapping methods. Data were analyzed with VOSviewer 1.6.20 and Bibliometrix bibliometric analysis software.


The most publications were published in 2023. The leading countries are United Kingdom, Australia and United States. The countries with the most international collaborations are United Kingdom and United States. The journals with the most publications in the field are Journal of Clinical Nursing, Bmj Open and BMC Health Services Research. Six different clusters emerged as a result of clustering analysis. After the trend analysis, it was determined that “Covid-19”, “safety culture”, “acute care”, “patient transfer”, “quality in healthcare”, “systematic review”, “nursing students” are the current topics.

Figure 1. Trend analysis of qualitative research in patient safety.


The findings may contribute to shaping strategies to improve patient safety. While this study provides a basis
for future research on patient safety in nursing, it also emphasizes the importance of international cooperation and scientific publications in this field.


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Sinem Eroğlu completed her doctorate degree at Ege University Health Sciences Institute in 2021. Following her undergraduate education, she worked as a training nurse, infection control nurse and nursing services training coordinator in various hospitals. He worked as a lecturer and mentor at universities.

Eroğlu, who specializes in areas such as patient safety, nursing education, time management, creative drama and NLP, has various articles. He has worked on innovative ideas. He made oral and poster presentations at many congresses and symposiums. He was deemed worthy of the “Oral Presentation Second Prize” with the oral presentation he presented in 2009.


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