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Nurturing Resilience: A Multilayered Approach to Breaking the Cycle and Healing Intergenerational Trauma Through Maternal Wellness

Humaira Nasim


Intergenerational trauma manifests as a legacy of historical injustices and systemic oppression, permeating familial dynamics and individual well-being across generations. This abstract proposes a comprehensive four-layered healing model, emphasizing the critical role of maternal health and wellness in breaking this cycle and nurturing healthy families. Central to this model is the recognition of the profound impact of intergenerational trauma on chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, and depression, underscoring the urgency of holistic intervention strategies.

The first layer of the model explores the multifaceted causes of intergenerational trauma, rooted in historical traumas, cultural displacement, and systemic inequalities. Understanding these complex dynamics is essential for devising effective interventions that address both the individual and systemic dimensions of trauma transmission.

The second layer highlights the pivotal role of maternal well-being in shaping family dynamics and fostering resilience in future generations. Mothers, as primary caregivers, serve as emotional anchors within the family unit, profoundly influencing the psychosocial environment in which children develop. Addressing maternal trauma and promoting maternal health and wellness are thus crucial for interrupting the transmission of trauma and promoting positive outcomes for families.

The third layer of the model focuses on diverse healing modalities that integrate psychological, physiological, and social dimensions of wellness. From trauma-informed therapy and mindfulness practices to somatic healing techniques and cultural rituals, a range of interventions offer pathways for healing and resilience-building.

Finally, the fourth layer underscores the importance of community support and collective healing initiatives in addressing intergenerational trauma. By fostering spaces for shared storytelling, cultural revitalization, and advocacy for social justice, communities can create environments conducive to healing and empowerment.

In summary, this abstract presents a multidimensional framework for understanding and addressing intergenerational trauma, with a specific emphasis on the critical role of maternal health and wellness. By implementing a layered approach that acknowledges the link between intergenerational trauma and chronic illnesses, we can work towards breaking the cycle of inherited trauma and fostering the emergence of healthy, resilient families and communities.


  1. Intergenerational trauma
  2. Maternal wellness
  3. Chronic illnesses
  4. Family health
  5. Healing model
  6. Resilience
  7. Psychological well-being
  8. Community support
  9. Trauma transmission
  10. Holistic interventions


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Humaira Nasim, NLP Master Coach, ACC | Trainer | Keynote Speaker | Author of “Rediscover: The Road to Inner Peace, Balance, and Fulfillment in Your Relationships with Life.”

Renowned for her pioneering work in education and life coaching, she’s received accolades such as the 2022 Outstanding Leadership in Education & Learning and the 2023 Mastermind Outstanding Life Coaching Award.

As a visionary leader, she conducts international workshops on conscious motherhood mastery, aiming to break the cycle of intergenerational trauma and foster resilience.

Featured in Khaleej Times and Grazia for her expert coaching skills, Humaira’s dedication to holistic well-being, acknowledged with the Brilliance in Healthcare award, permeates her coaching, public speaking engagements, and advocacy efforts, positively influencing lives globally.


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