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Responsibilities of the Editor-in-Chief:

  • If there are manuscripts submitted to the journals, Editor-in-Chief should be able to coordinate and organize a review team for review work.
  • Should be able to suggest and post new topics about his/her journals and invite authors to submit manuscripts.
  • Should decide on the manuscript’s acceptance and rejection.
  • Should ensure the quality of the manuscripts.

Benefits of the Editor-in-Chief:

Agreement: To become an Editor-in-Chief one must agree to the following terms and conditions of the Unified Citation Journals;

  • Should agree to upload a photograph and few details on the Unified Citation Journals and Journal cover.
  • Should carefully go through the policies of Unified Citation Journals which may change from time to time to improve the quality.
  • The Editor-in-Chief term will be valid for two years. Renewal of Editor-in-Chief depends on the Journals department.

Termination: The Editor-in-Chief must coordinate properly, and unsatisfactory performance of the assigned task can result in the termination.

Join Unified Citation Journals as an Editorial Member:

Below are the roles, responsibilities, and benefits of joining us as an Editorial Member

  • Manuscripts of your field and interest must be read thoroughly and carefully and suggesting the changes.
  • This will help you to get recognized and create your identity and you can get invitations for conference or demand for your research.
  • You can shape and contribute to your ideas.
  • You can propose special issues topics as per your interest.
  • Will be updated with the latest research before everyone and gives you a designated position among the research community.
  • One can avail of a 10% discount to publish abstracts if there are any financial constraints.

Become a Reviewer / Call for Reviewers

Are you interested in becoming a reviewer for Unified Citation Journals? Reviewers play an important role in the publication process. As a manuscript reviewer, you can connect with experts in your field and can gain valuable experience in publishing of the articles. The Unified Citation Journals Publication board encourages people to take part in the peer-review process. We invite you to take this opportunity and become a reviewer of the Unified Citation Journals.

Benefits of a reviewer are:

  • Being a reviewer, you will get many opportunities and will amplify your knowledge of professional levels and earns the respect of your colleagues and peers.
  • You can be considered to be an editorial board member.
  • Reviewers can avail of a 20% discount to publish articles in the Unified Citation Journals.

To be a good reviewer, one should have a thoughtful report with suggested improvements for our authors, and they should have the time to evaluate the script thoroughly.

Qualifications and Guidelines

Qualifications and guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. Published Author: You must publish articles in the peer-reviewed journals to become a reviewer which can help you to read the articles thoroughly.
  2. Be updated with the latest research: It’s important to keep up to date with the latest research as it can help you to evaluate the articles and amend the changes if required.
  3. Allotment of your time: Reviewing of a manuscript takes time (1-4 hours/manuscript can be reviewed) You should be ready to spend your time for the evaluation process.

If you are interested in being a reviewer for the journal, please join us via Unified Citation Journals online system: Here are the procedures:
Step 1: If you are a new user, please create an account first:
Step 2: Use your username and password to log in.
Step 3: Click “Reviewer” on the left menu under the button “Join Us.”
Step 4: Upload your CV and complete the necessary information and submit.
Step 5: Perfect your “Personal Profile” on the left menu. To join us, email us your below details in word/pdf format at

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Email: Country:
Field of Expertise:
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