Publication Fee Structure

Manuscript/Paper/Article Publishing Fees and Discounts

Unified Citation Journals is a unique and independent global publisher of 100+ online, open access, peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of scientific disciplines, academic topics, case studies, and reports. This is made possible by a manuscript/paper/article publishing fees that covers reviewing, professional copy editing, and; for efficient and thorough peer review; for immediate publication quickly upon acceptance; for the manuscript and article will be freely and universally accessible in various formats online and offline.
The publishing fee will be payable only when your manuscript/paper/article is editorially reviewed, accepted. Before publication, the fee is charged either to you or your funder, institution, or employer. The fee payable for an article is agreed upon as part of the manuscript submission process. The fees of journals are based on the different types of journals.
Various journals own different processing and publication fees. For the low-income countries, Manuscript/Paper/Article processing fee waivers or discounts are granted on a case-by-case basis to authors with insufficient funds.

Why do Unified Citation Journals have Manuscript/Paper/Article Publishing Fees?

Unified Citation Journals publishes all the journals in an entirely open-access format. The worldwide scientific communities and the general public can immediately and unlimitedly access all the content published in Unified Citation Journals for free as soon as it is published on the Internet. This means that Unified Citation Journals does not have any income from selling subscriptions to print or online versions of its journals.
Therefore, Unified Citation Journals need to defray its production and editorial costs by collecting Manuscript/Paper/Article Publishing Fee from authors’ institutes or research funding bodies. Unified Citation Journals is committed to keeping its open access publication charges at an affordable and minimum level. Unified Citation Journals trust and believe that open access, immediate, worldwide, barrier-free to the full content and text of research articles is in the best interests of the scientific community.

Are reprints of my article included in the Manuscript/Paper/Article Publishing Fees? No.

Manuscript/Paper/Article Publishing Fees do not entitle the authors to receive reprints of their published article. Reprints can be ordered separately and optionally for any article that has been published in Unified Citation Journals. To request an offer for reprints of an article, please send an e-mail to

How do I pay?

The submitting author needs to arrange payment of the Manuscript/Paper/Article Publishing Fee unless a waiver has been granted. Following the peer review and suggestions from Editor in chief, once a Manuscript/Paper/Article has received editorial approval and acceptance in principle, the article-processing charge becomes payable, and formatting checks on the manuscript will commence. Once formatting checks are completed, and payment of the Manuscript/Paper/Article Publishing Fees has been received, the article will be published. Manuscript/Paper/Article Publishing Fees currently supports the following payment methods:

1. Payment through Stripe, Square, and PayPal
2. Pay with your Credit or Debit Card
3. Wire Transfer in GBP and Euro (GBP & EUR) Unified Citation Journals recommend you to use our Online Secure Payment System.

Journal Journal Short Code Alpha Category Beta Category Gamma Category
Global Research Journal on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) [GRJNC] £ 1950 £ 1150 £ 400
Global Journal of Cancer Research and Treatment [GJCRT] £ 1950 £ 1150 £ 400
Global Journal of Cardiology Research and Cardiovascular [GJCRC] £ 1950 £ 1150 £ 400
Global Journal of Computer Science and IT [GJCSI] £ 950 £ 650 £ 400
Global Journal of Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolic Disorders [GJDEMD] £ 1950 £ 1150 £ 400
Global Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology Research [GJGHR] £ 1950 £ 1150 £ 400
Global Journal of Medical & Clinical Case Reports & Studies [GJMCCRS] £ 1950 £ 1150 £ 400
Unified Nursing Research, Midwifery & Women’s Health Journal [UNRMWHJ]   £ 1550 £ 750 £ 400
Global Research on Obstetrics and Gynecology Journal [GROGJ] £ 1550 £ 750 £ 400
Global Journal of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine [GJPLM] £ 1550 £ 750 £ 400
Global Research Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health [GRJPCH] £ 1950 £ 1150 £ 400
Global Research Journal of Pharmaceutical and Drug Discovery [GRJPDD] £ 1550 £ 750 £ 400
Global Research Journal on Physics Research and Applications [GRJPRA] £ 950 £ 650 £ 400
Global Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering [GJRTE] £ 950 £ 650 £ 400
Global Research Journal of Nutrition & Food Science [GRJNFS] £ 1550 £ 750 £ 400
Global Journal of Neuroscience [GJN] £ 1950 £ 1150 £ 400
Global Research Journal of Artificial Intelligence [GRJAI] £ 1550 £ 750 £ 400
Global Research Journal of Bioengineering and Biotechnology [GRJBB] £ 1550 £ 750 £ 400
Global Journal of Chemical Engineering [GJCE] £ 1550 £ 750 £ 400
Global Journal of Genetics [GJG] £ 950 £ 650 £ 400

Fee support for authors The finance generated from the authors also provides assistance to those authors unable to pay publication fees (especially for emerging researchers). Unified Citation Journals contributed to the author’s support to ensure that financial barriers do not prevent quality research from benefiting from Open Access publication.
Many number of options for researchers or authors to fund publication fees through either funder, institutional, and publisher initiatives. Unified Citation Journals provides Lifetime Memberships To get enough funding support; the Authors may also find further Open Access funding opportunities and help on the Worldwide Open Access directory list of OA publication funds. If you need further clarification about the funding process email at

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