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Manuscript/Paper/Article Category
Unified Citation Journals offer a wide range of Manuscript/Paper/Article types to optimally support the various academic and industrial communities in communicating their findings, results, and research advances.

Alpha- Category Articles: Hypothesis & Theory, Clinical Trial, Methods, Policy and Practice Reviews, Original Research, Review, Systematic Review, Technology and Code, Registered Report, Study Protocol.

Beta- Category Articles: Case Report, Brief Research Report, Case Study, Community Conceptual Analysis, Mini Review, Curriculum Instruction and Pedagogy, Perspective, Policy Brief

Gamma- Category Articles: Book Review, Core Concept (Young Minds), General Commentary, Data Report, OpinionCorrection, Editorial, Field Grand Challenge, New Discovery (Young Minds), Specialty Grand Challenge.

Note: If the paper is more than 15 pages, there will be extra charges.

Extra 10 pages: £75
Extra 20 pages: £100
Extra 30 pages: £150
Extra 40 pages: £200
Extra 50 pages: £250
Extra 50+ pages: £300-£500

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