Gum Recession of Natural Teeth

Dr. Sana Faiq Al-Rubaie

Global Research Journal of Dental and Oral Health
: Dr. Sana Faiq Al-Rubaie,
Affiliation: Baghdad University, college of Dentistry, Gum Health Clinic.
Category: Abstract Category: Periodontology (Workshop): Gum Recession of natural teeth – VISTA tunneling technique
keywards: Gum Recession, VISTA tunneling technique
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Gingival recession (GR) is a mucogingival defect referred to the buccal exposure of the root surface of the tooth as a consequence of an apical shift of the gingival margin up to the cementoenamel junction (1). With 40.98 % to 89% prevalence in different populations. With higher frequency in individuals over 65 (2). many risk factors can play role in increasing the incidence and progression of GR such as aging, smoking, periodontal diseases, poor oral Hygiene, systemic diseases, and other anatomical Factors (3). Teeth sensitivity, root caries, and aesthetic problems are the most symptoms of GR. Many modalities of treatment had been invented to re-establish the lost clinical attachment loss and restore the aesthetic appearance of the gingival tissues. including surgical and nonsurgical approaches. ViSTA tunneling technique have proved to achieve the desired complete root coverage that the Periodontist and the Patient will to achieve. This surgical approach is Vestibular Incision Subperiosteal Tunnel Access (4), is a minimally invasive surgical technique used for soft tissue augmentation around teeth and implants, and for the treatment of multiple gingival recessions. During this workshop, we will discuss the definition, classification and diagnosis of GR. In addition will discuss the main surgical treatment modalities in addition to the illustration and hands-on training on sheep jaw on how to perform VISTA technique

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Anatomical Cases of gum recession:




Cases of gum recession: Teeth Crowding and buccally located teeth.

VISTA tunneling technique



Sana Faiq Al-Rubaie has completed her MSc. Of Periodontics from Baghdad University on January 2013. She is the head and founder of GUM HEALTH CLINIC in Baghdad – Iraq since 2019. Lecturer at the Al- Iraqia University, college of Dentistry since 2019. Head and Examiner of the Certificate training comity – Periodontology program- at the Iraqi Ministry of Health for the years 2019-2022. She has published 3 abstracts in different journals. Organized and presented many workshops in the field of Periodontology and Dental communication skills in Baghdad.

Dr. Sana Faiq Al-Rubaie was sucsessfully presnted her Gum Recession of Natural Teeth at the International Dental, Advanced Dentistry and Oral Health UCGCongress July 29-30, 2024 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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