When a Dentist Dies of Oral Cancer The importance of Early Diagnosis.

Dr. Parul Dua Makkar

Global Research Journal of Dental and Oral Health
: Dr. Parul Dua Makkar
Affiliation: Parul Dua Makkar BSc, DDS, FACD
Category: Abstract
keywards:Oral Cancer

Unified Citation Journals, 3(1) 3-4 ;
ISSN 2754-0944

Early detection and early treatment are the key to surviving an oral cancer diagnosis. As dental
professionals on the front line, diligence in screening during examination is crucial for early detection and
diagnosis. In this essential course, we will identify patient risk factors, explore the statistics, and discuss the
importance and effectiveness of HPV vaccinations. Together we will delve into the basic screening
examination and documentation protocols, as well as illuminate signs, symptoms, and enhanced early
detection tools. Together we will explore staging and treatment options. We will also give emphasis to skills
for communicating results and referral protocols.

What will audience learn from your presentation?
1. What is Oral cancer vs oropharyngeal cancers and why rates are increasing.
2. What are risk factors
3. How to document lesions, soft tissue, hard tissue
4. When and whom to refer
5. How to screen patients and its importance
6. How to help patients undergoing cancer treatments
7.Sharing a personal aspect of Cancer.

Biography of presenting author 

Dr. Parul Dua Makkar completed her Bachelor of Science from University of Central Oklahoma 1999, Magna Cum
Laude and then DDS from University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry, in 2003. She practiced in Alberta, CA before moving to NY. Here she completed a GPR training at Staten Island University Hospital, 2007 and has been in private practice since. Currently she is the owner of PDM Family Dental in Long Island, NY, a place she resides in with her husband and 2 boys. Dr. Makkar's life took a different trajectory when she lost her only and younger sibling, Dr. Manu Dua, to Oral Cancer last year. He was a Dentist as well. Since his death, she devotes her time educating doctors and patients alike about risk factors, prevention and advocating for early diagnosis of Oral cancer. She has co-authored several Dental journals, has been presenting lectures to Dentists and has been a guest at several podcasts, besides her own podcast. She believes oral care is the gateway to overall well-being and aims to have open conversations with her patients.

Dr. Parul Dua Makkar has been featured in the American, Canadian and British Dental Journals. She is the recipient of the Denobi Awards 2022 as well as Long Island Excellence in Healthcare 2022, Power Woman of Long Island 2022 and has been awarded Outstanding Women’s Achievement Award by Indian American Forum 2023 and named Healthcare Hero in May 2023. She has also co-authored of the book ‘Life Interrupted, Dr. Dua’s Survival Guide’ which is a winner of CIPA EVVY Award for Motivational/Inspirational books and Distinguised Favorite by the NYC Big Book Award.

Dr. Parul Dua Makkar was sucsessfully presnted her Speech on When a Dentist Dies of Oral Cancer The importance of Early Diagnosis at the International Dental, Advanced Dentistry and Oral Health UCGCongress July 29-30, 2024 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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