Endometrial Stromal Nodule: A Rare and Challenging Pathological Entity

Global Journal of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Volume 1, Issue 2, August 2021, Pages: 10-14
Received: April 11, 2021; Accepted: April 14, 2021; Published: June 6, 2021

Authors: Dr. Devayani. Chaudhuri, Nalini. M, India

University College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India

introduction: Breast disorders are gathering attention  due to the frequent detection amongst the reproductive age group females , mostly of a benign etiology . Globally, breast cancer is the second leading cause of female mortality. There are certain areas of breast pathology that are challenging like benign breast diseases that mimic malignancy. This study was conducted to analyze the histopathological spectrum of benign and malignant breast lesions, discussing their significance. It was a descriptive study spanning 2 years (January 2019-Dec 2020). Histopathological examination of all specimens was done followed by immunohistochemistry (ER,PR,Her2-neu and p53) wherever required . A total of 513 female breast specimens (15 – 75 years) were selected, these included 273 trucut biopsies ,98 lumpectomies and 142 mastectomies .

Benign diseases (63.6 %) were the commonest followed by malignant (27%) and inflammatory lesions  (9.4%). Fibroadenoma (57.6%) and fibrocystic change (19.4%) were the commonest benign diseases and granulomatous mastitis (24.5%), the commonest inflammatory lesion. Uncommon benign breast cases were Sclerosing adenosis ;a mimicker of malignancy and Sclerosing lobular hyperplasia .While 98.6% of malignant cases were infiltrating ductal carcinomas.  The detection of the benign breast lesions mimicking malignancy on a trucut biopsy is a challenge and immunohistochemistry might be helpful .In our country ,tuberculosis is an important cause of granulomatous mastitis, hence requiring a high level of suspicion .

Keyword: Benign breast diseases, Trucut Biopsy, Sclerosing adenosis, Sclerosing lobular Hyperplasia, Granulomatous mastitis, Tuberculosis


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