Mammography in breast cancer in Azerbaijan

Presented in 13th Emirates Pathology, Digital Pathology & Cancer Conference Holiday Inn Dubai, Al Barsha, UAE & Virtual
Speaker Name: Dr. Gunel Gambarova
Category: Oral Presentation
Biography: Azerbaijan Medical University  Melhem international Hospital

Global Journal of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Unified Citation Journals, Pathology 2024, ISSN 2754-0952

Brest cr is the first most common cr among women in Azerbaijan
There are 10 million people in Azerbaijan and only 48% women included. Unfortunally,to recognase an earliest stages in 2022 -57.5% Last year 8305 people died result of cr,and 1121 people died because of breast cr. In 2022, 7064 women lived more than 5 years Also,48 men suffer from the breast cr.

According to the latest WHO in 2020 Breast canser deaths in Azerbaijan reached 1.781or 2.27% of total deaths.

       1976                                                 2023
Mammography                  Mamography (tomosyntesis)
Clinic exainations               Ultrasonography
Self examinations               (abus)

Case- 1: 37 years old,female Screening MG Canser in hamartom (T1N0N0)
Case- 2: 38 years old,female USİ+galaktography+MG Tree in bud in galaktography ğ
Case- 3: 41 years old,female Screening MG (after lipofiiling) USİ (T2N0N0)
Case- 4: 41 years old,female Genetic mutation Brca 1 Screening MG Canser (T2N0N0)
Case- 5: 48years old,female Screening MG In local adenozis area finding cr (T2N1N0) ğ
Case- 6: 65 years old,female Diagnostic MG Occlut cr (invasive lob/cr)
Case- 7: 43 years old,female Screening MG Canser (T1N0N0)
Case- 8:
12 years old and 36 years old,female Screening MG Canser (T1N1M0)





      (Case- 1)                     (Case- 2)                    (Case- 3)                   (Case- 4) 

   (Case- 5)                                     (Case- 6)                                      (Case- 7)

(Case- 8)

Ductal Carcinoma in situ Oncotype – DCIS Score and ipsilateral recurrence risk

In high risk patients
2007 ACS guidelines for breast screening with MRI as an adjunct to mammography
2009 NCCN The role of MRI in breast cancer screening
2010 SBI/ACR Breast cancer screening with imaging

Breast cancer screening in women at higherthanaverage risk:
Recommendations from the acr
Debra L. Monticciolo, MDa, Mary S. Newell, MDb, Linda Moy,  MDc, Bethany Niell, MD, PhSd, Barbara Monsees, MDe,  Edward A. Sickles, MDJ am coll radiol 2018:15:408-414.
For women with personal histories of breast cancer and  dense breast tissue, or those diagnosed before age 50, annual surveillance with breast MRI is recommended

ASC 2007 (3)
Recommendations for breast mri screening as an adjunct to mammography
Recommend against mri screening (based on expert consensus opinion)
Women at 15% or lower lifetime risk

Goal in screening: Our main goal is to reduce breast disease The main aim of radiology is to reduce the occurence of interval canser

   AND in conclusion

  • Remember that high-risk patients are not a homogeneous groupe
  • Each patient has individuality based on their personal history, family history and genetic background
  • The job of a radiologist is to master all of this, and the right path is simply drawing the hereditary line

The New England Journal of Medicine:
MRI screening for women with extremely dense breast tissue

M.F Bakker, S.V. de Lange, R.M,Pijnappel, R.M. Mann, P.H.M.Peeters, E.M.Monninkhof,M.j. Emaus, C.E.  LOO, R.H.C. Bisschops, M.B.I.Lobbes, M.D.F. de jong, K.M.  Duviver.J. Veltman, N.Karssemeijer, H.J. de Koning , P.J. van Diest W.P.T.M. Mali. M.A.A.J. van den  Bosch, W.B. veldhuis. And C.H. van Gils.  For the DENSE Trial Study Group

1.Breast cr : Azerb 2565, died 1121; 2,9/1 (2020), In the  World 2.26 mln,died 685000; 3,3/1(2020-ci il), USA   290560, died 43250; 6,7/1 (2022) RF 65468,died 21634; 3,03/1(2020) UK 55370, died 11585; 4,78/1(2018),
2. Early conscriptions 2012 – 57.5%, 2017 – 55,2%, 2022- 50.9%
3. The incidence of deasese – <40 age -10,1%, 40-69- 81,8%, > 70-% In the World (2019) 6-7% 63-69% 25-30%
4. Incidence of breast canser based on age of patients the  organ preservation surgery accounted for 20 %(2021) 

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