Global Journal of Chemical Engineering

Journal Info:
Title of Journal Abbreviated: GJCE
Published by: Unified Citation Journals
Periodicity: Six volume per year

Global Journal of Chemical Engineering publishes papers on advanced engineering and technologies for the processing, production, transportation, and use of chemicals on a large scale and chemical reactions. Generally; Studies and researches typically relate to processes and functions within chemical and energy industries, mostly for the production of pharmaceuticals, food, fuels, and chemical feedstocks.
The subject and topics of investigation cover plant design and operation, process design and analysis, control and reaction engineering, as well as hazard mitigation and safety measures. As well as exclusive research and studies, the Global Journal of Chemical Engineering also publishes mostly focused review articles that examine the state of the art, identify emerging trends, and suggest future directions for developing fields.

Why to publish in GJCE:
Global Journal of Chemical Engineering is a global research journal, which publishes original research papers and survey articles in all areas dealing with the theory or practice of chemical engineering, biochemical engineering, and applied chemistry.
Many areas and subareas of interest include (but are not limited to) Physical Properties and Physical Chemistry, Transport properties of organic and inorganic compounds and Fluid Engineering, Materials Engineering, Physical and thermodynamic Engineering, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Process Systems Engineering and Safety, Biochemical Food and Medical Engineering, Micro and Nano Systems, Energy, Environment Engineering and more.
Unified Citation Journals aims to provide an all-around 24/7 access to the scientific data freely for all our readers across the planet and will guarantee scientific community high data availability in most updated digital formats. Unified Citation Journals publishes manuscripts including but not limited to following topics:

Computational fluid dynamics Process synthesis, design, and optimization
Transport Phenomena Mass and heat transfer
Materials science Thermodynamics and phase equilibria
Biochemical engineering Reaction engineering and catalysis
Process design Petroleum engineering processes
Ceramics Process control
Chemical process modeling Separation processes
Chemical reaction Process intensification
Crystallization processes Mathematical modelling of chemical processes
Distillation processes Process safety
Unit operations Other closely related fields Chemical Engineering
Chemical Process Engineering Chemical Engineering in the Food Industry
Chemical Process Safety Heat Transfer
Corrosion Engineering Industrial Chemical Technology
New Industrial Chemicals  

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