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Enhancing Staff Involvement in Hospital Management: A Customized Electronic Health Record in Africa

Ms. Stephanie El-Khoury

Unified Nursing Research, Midwifery & Women’s Health Journal
Author Name: Ms. Stephanie El-Khoury
Category: Abstract
Keywords: Hospital Management, Electronic Health Record, Staff-Oriented Strategy, Hospital Information System, Change Model
Research Interest: Hospital Information System

Unified Citation Journals, 2(1) 8-10;
ISSN 2754-0944

Abstract: The Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a major entity in hospital management. It supports facilities in quality management, staff performance and patient safety while managing variations through continuous processes [1]. Healthcare organizations can adapt standardized or customized EHRs. This decision has to be related to staff, patients and facility workflow that differ from a community to another. But then, even a customized EHR can be a burden on the staff since it may not be suitable with their daily practices when approaching patients or communicating between each other [2]. Hence, the EHR is to be a supportive tool for healthcare providers. A decent understanding of customization and standardization concepts in healthcare will build a firm ground for healthcare planners in order to create an EHR through a staff-oriented strategy while keeping an eye on international standards, especially in moderate and low-income countries. For this purpose, the paper describes a simple strategy to follow while designing an EHR, answering the real client needs. This strategy is supported by the Lewin’s Model of change: the staff will reject an old pattern and adapt a new one [3]. This will improve staff involvement and consequently increase the implementation success of the EHR in


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Biography: Stephanie El-Khoury has completed her Master’s degree in 2018 from Antonine/Laval University. She is currently a Healthcare Executive Consultant and she heads the Nursing and Quality departments of the Gov- ernment House Clinic in Port Harcourt. Her practice is driven by institutions’ governance, strategy and system efficiency for over than 11 years. Her projects are centered on health facility planning and redesigning, hospital workflow and operations, quality improvement and policy management, all through the Hospital Information System.

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