International Collaborations

Unified Citation Journals collaborated with 10K+ International associations and societies to shape researches, studies, and findings on medical, clinical, health care, and scientific information open access. Unified Citation Journals provides an ultimate platform for global collaborations, international networking among the community and individuals through shared resources, and working together in multifarious key areas.

Unified Citation Journals | List of Collaborations

  • USA & Canada
  • UK & Europe
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Asia Pacific & Australia

Why collaborate with Unified Citation Journals?
Collaborate and Affiliate your Society/Association/Institutions/Industries with the respective journal to increase virtual presence and enjoy a host of discounts in publishing articles and attending many related societies congress and international meetings and conferences”.

  • Increased excellence and strength of performing to reach your goals
  • Recognitions of existing firmness, assets, and resources to enhance organizations performance and achievement
  • Upgrading the membership of Organization for the superior scientific community
  • Merging of both information-based and tangible assets and resources
  • Traversing the gap in and coordination of requiring and existing services
  • Allocation of leadership, decisions, ownership, vision, and responsibility
  • Visualization of individual support and reach a wider audience

Unified Citation Journals grant the worth in growing, developing, learning, and sharing from others to build the organization more effective and efficient. For International Collaboration email us your below details in word/pdf format at

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