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Global Journal of Cardiology Research & Cardiovascular Diseases (

Journal Info:
Title of Journal Abbreviated: GJCRC
Published by: Unified Citation Journals
Periodicity: Six volume per year

Cardiology is a term derived from the Greek word cardia, which means heart and logy means study. It is the branch of medicine which studies the diseases and disorders of the heart.
Global Journal of Cardiology Research and Cardiovascular is international, open access, peer-reviewed online journal that covers the latest research work on Cardiology and Cardiovascular. GJCRC publishes and disseminates letters, research articles, case reports, editorials, short communications, reviews, opinions, letter to the editor, commentaries in all areas of Cardiology Research and Cardiovascular. This journal is easily accessible and plays a vital role in monitoring advances in the cardiovascular field. This makes the Global Journal of Cardiology Research and Cardiovascular a platform with Valuable information for researchers and scientists.

GJCRC provides a platform for the advanced and latest research, trending technologies in the field of ischemic congestive heart failure, pharmacological, heart disease, cardiomyopathy, non-pharmacological treatment, cardiovascular biology, congenital heart disease, preventive cardiology, cardiovascular imaging, molecular biology, hypertension, prosthetic devices, new diagnostic techniques, vascular disease, arrhythmia, and cardiovascular disease mode

Why publish in GJCRC:
Global Journal of Cardiology Research and Cardiovascular aims to provide accurate and comprehensive information to the doctor’s clinical information that will help them to update the knowledge on Cardiology. The authors for GJCRC play a vital role in maintaining the standard of the editorials and provide them the latest knowledge on cardiovascular diseases and cure to support their daily practice.
There GJCRC urges doctors, researchers, authors, and scientists to submit develop and submit their manuscripts. Authors can publish their research, case studies, and reports, mini-reviews, editorials, short communications, etc. Unified Citation Journals aims to provide an all-around 24/7 access to the scientific data freely for all our readers across the planet and will guarantee scientific community high data availability in most updated digital formats. Unified Citation Journals publishes manuscripts including but not limited to following topics:

Cardiac Arrhythmias Cardiac physiology
Cardiac regeneration Cardiac Rehabilitation
Cardiomyopathies Cardiosurgery
Cardiovascular anatomy Cardiovascular Computed Tomography
Cardiovascular Diabetology Cardiovascular Diseases and Nursing
Cardiovascular Diseases and Risk Factors Cardiovascular Disorders
Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy Cardiovascular Electrophysiology
Cardiovascular Engineering Cardiovascular Imaging
Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Cardiovascular Nursing
Cardiovascular Pathology Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Cardiovascular Psychiatry and Neurology Cardiovascular Radiation Medicine
Cardiovascular Surgery Cardiovascular Therapeutics
Cardiovascular Toxicology Cardiovascular Transplantation
Cardiovascular Ultrasound Conduction system and arrhythmias
Congenital heart disease Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
Coronary Heart Disease Current Trends in Cardiac Surgery
Endocarditis Gene patterns
Genetic & Molecular Bases of Cardiovascular Diseases Heart Failure and Cardiac Shock
Hypertensive Heart Disease Imaging techniques
Inflammatory Heart and Vascular Diseases Myocarditis
Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases Operative Techniques in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
Pericardial Diseases Peripheral Arterial Diseases
Robotically Assisted Heart Surgery Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease
Surgical Techniques and Results Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
Thrombosis and Haemostasis Treatment Options in Cardiovascular Medicine
Valvular Heart Disease Vascular biology
Venous Thromboembolism Cardiology
Arrhythmia Cardiac arrest
Cardiac hypertrophy Cardiac output
Cardiac pacing Cardiomyopathies
Congenital heart defects Coronary heart disease
Atrial fibrillation Dilated cardiomyopathy
Ventricular septal defects Early-onset coronary artery disease
Stable coronary artery disease Diastole
Ejection fraction Endocarditis
Heart failure Heart rate
Bradycardia Tachycardia
Acute cardiovascular problems Cardiovascular disease risk
Cardiovascular medicine Interventional cardiology
Myocardial infarction Myocardial performance index
Pediatric cardiology Sudden cardiac death
Systole Valvular diseases
Cardiovascular diseases Cardiovascular diseases in women
Coagulation disorders Antiphospholipid syndrome
Coagulation factor deficiencies Coagulopathy
Disseminated intravascular coagulation Factor V Leiden
Hemophilia Hemophilia A
Hemophilia B Protein C deficiency
Thrombosis von Willebrand disease
Trauma-induced coagulopathy  

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