Why it’s Time Move From “Speaking Up” to “Speaking IN”

Ms. Laurin Mooney

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Presented in 11th American Healthcare, Nursing and Patient Safety Conference from November 15-18, 2022 in San Francisco, USA- Best Western Plus Grosvenor Airport Hotel

Speaker Name: Ms. Laurin Mooney
Affiliation: Founder Speaking IN
Category: Keynote Speaker Presentation
Speaker Profile:

Seeking answers to the challenges of patient safety, Laurin spent seven years studying High Reliability Organizing with experts from other industries. Now she uses her expertise to translate complex safety concepts into simple language and images making learning fast fun, and memorable.  She founded Speaking IN to provide the message, model, and methods to help organizations move on from the outdated and ineffective approach of telling people to “speak up.” A former nurse and administrator, she understands the unique challenges of healthcare delivery yet remains committed to helping healthcare adopt lessons learned in other industries.

Standard practice across high-risk industries is to employ the strategy of telling people to “speak up” in order to obtain information critical for safety, problem-solving, and innovation.  Yet the data and the stories behind failures large and small reveal telling people to ‘speak up” doesn’t work.  Despite its dismal results, it remains, unexamined and unreplaced possibly because there was no other idea available.  Now there is. This session will challenge the strategy of “speaking up” and introduce the completely new strategy of “speaking IN.”

The foundational flaws of the “non-conversation”
Telling people to “speak up” is what I call the “non-conversation” it contains foundational flaws that cause it to be ineffective.  This session will reveal those flaws and show how they are in misalignment with what we know about how human beings and complex systems work.  It will become clear that this model is outdated and needs to be updated.

A new conversation with a firm foundation
Attendees will be introduced to “speaking IN” a model for a new conversation at work that works with the natures of humans and complex systems and is foundational for High Reliability.  Key alignments with theory and science will be discussed.

Shifting the way you work
Finally, the shifts in the ways one would need to think, be (attitude) and Act (do) will be explored giving participants the beginning keys to start practicing speaking IN®, if they choose.

Keywords:  Speak Up, High Reliability, Psychological Safety, Inclusion, Employee Experience

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