The Role of Social Sustainability in uplifting Healthcare workers and Patients

Dr. Priyanka Hemant Pansare

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Poster Presenter Name: Dr. Priyanka Hemant Pansare
Global Journal of Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety
Unified Citation Journals, Nursing 2024, ISSN 2754-0952
Biography: General Practitioner @ New Ibn Sina Ajman| MBBS, MPC, NLP
Keywords: Sustainability, Health Care, Patient Care, Triple bottom line

The healthcare industry plays a pivotal role in safeguarding public health, but it also faces significant
challenges in terms of sustainability. As the world grapples with environmental crises and resource
constraints, it becomes crucial for healthcare institutions to adopt sustainable practices that benefit the
environment and promote the well-being of healthcare workers and patients. The primary purpose of this
research is to identify and analyze the different sustainable practices that can be integrated into the
healthcare industry to ensure the triple bottom line: environmental, social, and economic sustainability.
Focusing on healthcare workers and patients, this study seeks to highlight their vital role in creating a
sustainable healthcare system and identify the challenges they face in achieving sustainable outcomes.
The methodology employed in this study involves a comprehensive literature review, case studies, and
interviews with healthcare professionals to gain a holistic understanding of the sustainability practices
currently implemented within healthcare institutions. The research further investigates healthcare
workers’ and patients’ perceptions and experiences regarding sustainability initiatives. Through this
mixed-method approach, the study sheds light on the opportunities and barriers hospitals encounter
while attempting to integrate sustainability practices to benefit their workforce and patients.
The findings of this research reveal a range of sustainability initiatives that hospitals can adopt to enhance
the overall well-being of healthcare workers and patients while reducing their environmental impact.
These initiatives include optimizing energy and water usage, implementing waste management strategies,
adopting eco-friendly procurement practices, fostering employee well-being programs, and prioritizing
patient-centric care. The practical implications of this study emphasize the potential positive outcomes
that healthcare institutions can achieve by incorporating sustainable practices. By investing in the health
and well-being of their workforce, hospitals can improve staff retention rates, job satisfaction, and overall
performance. Similarly, focusing on patient-centered sustainability initiatives can lead to better patient
experiences, increased trust in healthcare providers, and improved health outcomes.


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